Wednesday, August 6, 2014

2 Years!!

I can't believe it has been 2 years since I left the rented apartment world.  That is well over $20,000 in rent and electric bills.  Just remembering what I moved into after leaving my last apartment.

I lived in Rosendale NY in a shed... a plywood shed for 3 months.  August to October.  It was cold and wet.  I had no electricity in my room, no heat, a leaky roof and it was small.  Makes TicTac seem like the high life.  hahaha  I took showers in the yard at night with a gallon of water and soap.  I had to use the "nature" bathroom... squatting outdoors.   I usually bought my water from the dollar store but sometimes I would go down to the creek and get some water to bathe with.  

After the first few weeks the main house had electricity so we had a couple of lights, a fridge and stove.    A little later we got running water in a sink and a hose outside.  We put up and outdoor shower but by that time it was getting pretty cold to be showering outside without hot water.

I'm sure it was illegal living there... if the city knew I was living like that they would of shut the place down.  I was suppose to be helping with renovations and for a month or so there was another woman on the property.  The woman who owned the place almost never stayed the night because she didn't want to live like that and never had it together to get much done.   So I just stayed and saved money for my trailer and travels.  The last couple of weeks I finally got TicTac and slept in her at night instead of the cot in the shed.  TicTac was dryer and warmer.  I was happy to get out of that place.  I had a lot of things that grew mold because the roof leaked and was all wet.  Not happy.  Before moving in I was told it didn't leak, I would have heat, water and electricity.  The good part is it made me ready for the road.  Every time I think it is rough I think back to the shed and I know I have it good.  :D

Here are some pictures of where I lived.

 This was my home for 3 months.

We were so excited to get electricity... we lived with no street lights or anything around so it was super dark without electricity.

The shower!!  Only used it a couple of times before it got too cold.  We didn't have hot water... we just had water.