Thursday, August 14, 2014

Ruby Reservoir

Had a good couple of nights up at Ruby Reservoir.  It isn't far from where I am staying for the summer in Virginia City.  The other workamper and I went up there and there is free camping.  Quite beautiful. We attached TicTac to her Class C since we weren't quite sure what the roads would be like.  Not bad roads at all and I might just take Blue and TicTac up there on my days off to get away.  Here are a few pictures.

The first night we made spaghetti and hot dogs.  I actually "cooked" hahaha

Went for a short walk the next morning.

That's us!

Saw a Bald Eagle and an immature Bald Eagle.  The last morning I thought the immature one was coming after my boys.

Here is my friend's rig and TicTac at our site.

The 2 Bald Eagles

The second night we tried the Hobo Shrimp Boil.  We needed more seasoning but it was edible.

Chilling on the last night. 

 Poco and Nube resting after a good couple of days.

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