Monday, August 4, 2014

Not Your "Stereotypic" Biker Chick

One of the hardest things for me is getting past the stereotypes out there for biker women along with so many other stereotypes out there.  I don't like to put myself in any category other than my name is Jackie and I really want a nick name or road name so I don't have to go by that either.

Not sure where all the biker stereotypes came from.  All the old pictures I see of bikers look nothing like what I see today.  Where did the leathers, easy women and dirty men stereotype come from?  Especially if you ride a Harley.

I had to shut myself up in the photo shop the other day.  A group of biker men came in with their vests and were talking about finding easy women, guns, liquor and all that nonsense male biker talk.  I just don't get it!  It is hard to sit there and listen to men like that putting down women.  I just stepped back and let the photographer do everything because I knew I would put them in their place like I did with a guy last summer.  haha   Last summer a guy came in with his "whores" to have them take a picture.  He sat there saying what a waste they were, that they can't ride as many miles because of the women.  I was sure to set him straight as I told him I rode over 400 miles a day pulling a trailer alone and of my adventures.  I watched as his "manhood" and his body shrunk into the sofa.  He was sure to be quiet after that.

I'm not someone's whore and never will be.  I'm not easy because I ride.  Riding a motorcycle alone has nothing to do with my sexual orientation.  Sex in general has nothing to do with the fact I ride.

I hate skulls or any sort of bones on my gear.  I don't like that everything women in the harley shop has what society calls "girl colors"... like pink.  I also don't like wings, birds, angles or naked people on my gear.  I don't wear leathers unless it is below freezing... and that is air temperature not riding temperature.  I don't wear biker boots.  I don't feel the need to join a biker group.

And of course the most important is Women can ride too.  I do everything a man does but I'm pulling a trailer. hahaha

It doesn't matter what you ride but that you ride.  It doesn't matter how you ride or how you look but that you ride.  I don't understand putting down a biker because of their gender or what they ride.

I ride because I love to see everything with the wind blowing on my face.  I love being open to the elements and open to the world.  I need the input the motorcycle gives me.  My motorcycle makes me happy.  I don't fit the motorcycle stereotype and I'm all good with being my own person.

Keep the rubber side down no matter how you ride.

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  1.';re way above all that crap!! You just keep riding on and don't pay any mind to it! It has nothing to do with you. I think there are probably a lot more people out there like me who are envious of your lifestyle than there are dumb-ass biker types!!