Friday, August 1, 2014

Ready for the Weekend

I've been helping out at the Old Time Photo place I worked at last summer.  I was hoping working just a few days during the week I wouldn't have to deal with much.  I was wrong.  It has been busy which is good but the people are bonkers.  No personal space, bad children, boys playing with their dinkles and getting mooned are not my favorite things to deal with.

What I have realized the more firm and somewhat mean I am the more tips we get.  Works for me!  Less effort on my part. Haha

I always laugh when customers tell me that my job has to be so much fun.  I'm just not a people person and the concept of dressing people as fun fades quickly.  But there are some fun groups that make the day enjoyable.  My goal this year is to get a drunk biker dude dressed as a saloon girl and sitting up on the bar.  It will be quite the challenge but it could happen.  :)

Tomorrow starts my 3 days off and I may just crash.  Might go for a good ride Sunday or Monday depending on my other contract work.  

All in all life is good.  Getting excited about going to China in September... More on that later.  :D

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