Thursday, August 7, 2014

Victoria... I just don't know

This weekend I thought I would treat myself to some new bras from Victoria's Secret.  I don't do that very often and would rather just go without.  haha..

I went in and asked for some help telling them I was a biker and lived on the road and needed something breathable and supportive.  The lady brings me back to the fitting rooms and measures and brings in these bras... all I could say was "OMG those are HUGE!!!"  She cracked up laughing.  I didn't have boobs until at least my late 20s so it is always a surprise but these I still think are too big.  

She leaves me a few to try on and I just didn't get it.  It had like a 1/4 of an inch of foam in the cup... what is that for?  As a biker I could see it 2 ways... either it was a winter bra or one that expands when it gets wet.  I am an all weather rider and get wet a lot, I couldn't imagine what would happen when that foam gets wet.  Either it would expand like those toys you get and put in water and they expand into a dinosaur or something or they would begin to sag because of the water weight.  On top of that how is that breathable??  

I told them again I was a biker and would rather go without and finally they started to get the point and found some bras without the weird foam.  

People just don't understand that my life is about convenience more than style.  Even though as time goes I am gradually finding my convenient style. 

My hair is short because I don't get to wash my hair every day on the road.  It could be a couple of weeks before it gets a good washing.... and when I do wash on the road it is just a gallon of water and a bit of soap.  No time for conditioning and all that other stuff.   I'm totally not one of those people who can stand long dirty hair... I can barely stand short dirty hair.  This is why being bald was so nice.  

And then the monthly visitor was always a struggle as a biker until I found the Diva Cup.  All those pads and tampons just soak up water.  hahaha... I would get stuck in the rain and those things would suck up all the water in the seat... talk about uncomfortable.  I think I might have actually gotten rid of the constant UTI I would have because of things like that since using the Diva Cup.

With limited space for stuff and resources you have to really think about what you are doing and what you are buying.  Clothes have to be multi-purpose.  I have 1 bag for clothes that fits in the trunk of my bike.  So having something for every occasion is not possible.  Do I really go anywhere where I need to dress up... no.  Is it something I feel I need... no.  My clothes get worn and greasy fast so cheap is always what I go for.   No reason to spend big money on something that will only last a week without stains and a couple of months without holes.  I would eventually like to get out of t-shirts but I have to find something that I can work, ride and play in.  We will see.  

My life is about simplicity... how little I can bring to give me and the boys the most space.  I learn new things every day.  I love the fact I can go thru a store and not buy a thing.  Something as simple as a bra could be a treat.  

Loving the simple life.

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