Thursday, June 16, 2016

Arches National Park

We headed out of the Bryce Canyon area on a most beautiful ride to Green River Utah for the night.  Next morning we got up early and headed to Arches National Park.  I have to say I am a bit scared of heights and riding thru some of these parks with TicTac in tow can get me quite anxious.  The entry into and out of Arches was this way but inside the park it wasn't bad at all.  Quite beautiful.

We had another beautiful day.  It got warm as the day went on but we enjoyed ourselves.

We did a couple short walks to see some arches but there is so much more to explore that we didn't have time for.  

We did the shorter/easier hike to take a look at this famous arch.  Again, being scared of heights, but working on it, lessens where we can hike.  Also, knowing I have to ride after hiking I try not to completely ware myself out.  I have, in the past, gotten too tired to get my bike up to ride... So I try to stay aware of those types of things.

After Arches we headed thru Moab, wandered around a bit and down to Monticello where there was suppose to be a free spot to camp with electric.  It was unfortunately closed so we spent the night at a gas station in town.  We were exhausted and had to be up and out early to beat out the wind.  It wasn't a bad evening and a quiet spot to sleep.

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  1. On my cross country move last year, I only got to spend a few hours at Arches that one night, but found it to be quite beautiful. I know what you mean - the fear of heights can limit me too - you've been to Zion, right? There, there are definitely some hikes I had to push myself on, and some parts of hikes I was like "nope, i'm done." Good of you to be cognizant of what you can do comfortably and what you cannot.

    These days, I find that after driving my car for just a few hours, I need to take a break, so i can only imagine how tiring it is to ride the bike with Tic Tac in tow. Thank you for the beautiful photos!