Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Mesa Verde

Mesa Verde is the coolest National Park.  It is the only National Park preserving human heritage.  I saw photos of places like this but never really looked in to where to find them.  We came across Mesa Verde from a deck of cards we got at the Grand Canyon that had different National Parks.  We decided we had to make the quick trip thru Colorado to check it out.

We wanted to ride across Colorado but there was snow forecasted during that time and wind was coming yet again.  That is spring out west... Lots and lots of wind.  So we headed to Mesa Verde, which was a little over an hour from where we spent the night.

They give tours of the dwellings but you have to climb 60 feet of ladders and go thru this tiny tunnel.  Not quite my thing but Michelle would of loved to do it.  We didn't get there early enough to get on the tour before we had to head to our overnight destination... Might have to go back and gain the courage to do so.... Would be awesome!

The cool thing about this park is you can't bring a trailer in... You have to detach and leave it in the parking lot close to the entrance gate.  So we dropped off TicTac and made the, what seemed to me, forever ride up the mountain.  Again, I have a thing with heights... Then you add wind and a lot of switchbacks and I get a wee nervous. Haha... We did make it and it was a beautiful ride.

These dwellings are so cool!

It was a very scenic ride.  The history of the dwellings and the people who lived there for the short period of time is very interesting.  I totally recommend making a stop at Mesa Verde.

After Mesa Verde we headed to the Walmart in Farmington New Mexico for the night.  We wanted to beat out the wind but it didn't happen.  We made it to Edgewood New Mexico and stayed at the Walmart there for 2 nights until the wind passed.... Then we headed to Texas.

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