Friday, June 14, 2013

3 Meals a Day continued

Here is an update on the 3 meals a day that I would like to be able to accomplish for 365 days straight.  I hit a bit of a snag as I went in to see about food stamps.  I really hate government offices and especially any that are there to help you... this was no different.  The receptionist I spoke to was really nice and told me to fill out a form and was really helpful but the lady who was suppose to help me apply and such was really rude and really should be fired.

She didn't listen to me at all... she made a judgement upon me before I even sat down at her desk.  I have known many single people without children who have been on food stamps and medicaid... these are people without disabilities and are just going through a rough patch... like me.  So I didn't think I was out of line asking for help... which I never do because of people like this woman.

I have chosen in my life not to go the disability route even though it had been recommended to me multiple times in my past.  I did go through Vocational Rehab to help get me on my feet and back to college.  Vocational Rehab ended in an abusive way not much different than this food stamp thing.  I did exactly what they told me to do... they would pay for books and tuition but I would have to take out loans or whatever to pay for everything else including living expenses.  So that is what I did year after year and then 4 years later I got a new counselor who told me I was cheating the system and threw my folder on top of the filing cabinet and told me that is where it would stay... and I did nothing different than I had been told and had done for the 4 years prior.

Anyways.... back to the food stamps.

I told her my situation that I didn't have a job but will be having a job in a couple weeks but making around $500 a month and that I live in a little trailer.  I didn't have a physical address but I had a mailing address.  She first told me she couldn't help because I wasn't disabled or pregnant.  Then she acted like I had some nerve coming in and waisting her time.

She told me we could submit the form for food stamps but it was just a waste of time.  I told her again I was pretty much homeless parking my little trailer at Walmart parking lots and finding jobs where ever I could.  She then told me that people who use this office can't afford to go from place to place for a job that they are stuck where they are.  I said I don't have the expense of rent so I have the ability to go from job to job so I can make some sort of income... All she said was "good for you."

After that I really had enough of the abuse of her unjust judgements and walked out in tears.  I told her thank you for helping me feel worthless.   There is nothing worse to me than someone telling me I didn't deserve help to eat.

Each time I deal with offices like this I get frustrated... not just by the way I was treated but for the people who can't stand up for themselves, who are really at their wits end and need some help.  I know again I am thinking others are worth more than myself.  I am someone in need and this woman couldn't even tell me how I could help myself.  Where to find food pantries or anything... she was just a bitch.  Yes, I said it... a bitch.  I sure hope one day she will realize she is not all that and learn some compassion.   As for me... I am done asking for help and will figure things out on my own.  Like I always do.

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