Saturday, June 22, 2013

Relaxing Day

The day of the rattlesnake was my day off so the boys and I chilled in the little trailer most of the day watching the Golden Girls.  Here are some pictures of my boys.

Randall's favorite place is by the window and Nube likes to join him.


Poco is usually right by my side.

My boys appreciate the Golden Girls.  Nube loves Betty White. ;)

All my boys love to be under the cabinet where my feet go.  Here is Poco and Randall chillin.


  1. So sorry you don't have your boys any longer with you. I have been wondering how the dogs got their names. Poco is Spanish for " a little" and Nube is Spanish for Cloud. Is it just coincidence?

    1. Poco was my first small dog so Little is correct. I was looking for some sort of spanish name for Nube... he was white so cloud it was.

    2. so it was not a coincidence! Nice names, btw!

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