Friday, June 21, 2013

Rattlesnake Neighbor

Put the tip of your two pointer fingers together... then put the tip of your thumbs together... that is the size of my rattlesnake neighbor.

Yesterday my boss came over to tell me the gas man found 2 rattlesnakes under the tank.  He killed one of them but the other one he let be... so I can't let my boys out unattended.

Just so you know how close that rattlesnake is here is a picture.  It is living under that tank.  YIKES!!

I had been hearing a rattle of sorts but it seemed like multiple something so I thought maybe it was grasshoppers or something.  I was wrong.   I went really close to there earlier in the day to dump Randall's litter box.  I have been putting Poco and Nube out on a lead but I usually had an eye on them because of birds, snakes, bears... who knows what is out there.  It is like National Geographic out there.

I was told rattlesnakes are green this time of year and as the summer progresses they turn more brown.  They came and mowed last night so I would be able to spot him better if he should come out from under the tank.  I asked if the mowing would scare it away.  She just kind of chuckled and said nope.

This morning I heard the sound of a woo of sorts but it sounded almost human and a human in pain.  I have heard this sound before when I lived in the shed in upstate NY.  To say the least I moved the boys inside the apartment so they could run around and I wouldn't have to worry.

I also saw this cute bird this morning.  It was black and white and had somewhat long legs.  So many critters.  Hopefully I will only have to see these from afar.  I surely don't want to know what it is like to be right next to a rattlesnake.

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