Monday, June 17, 2013

Cute Trailer Etiquette

I just have to say there are a few things people should realize when they see a cute camper.  I don't mind talking to you if I am off the bike and standing outside of the trailer.  I usually enjoy a good conversation... not to say I never like to be just left alone but I will usually chit chat for a bit.

It is NOT ok to come knocking on my door because you think my trailer is cute.  If I am not in there you freak out my animals and if I am in there I don't want to talk... that would be why I am inside my trailer.

I only say this because the last few nights I have had people yell through my window, knock on my door and also stop their car right next to my trailer, stare in and then honk because they want me to come out.

Come on People!!

This is my home and I would like a bit of privacy.  Just because I pull a cute camper does not mean I don't need my personal space or that my time is somehow for your pleasure only.

I do love meeting new people but these last couple of nights have been a bit much.

Just so you know if you should come across a cute camper and you really want to talk to the owner. ;)

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