Thursday, June 20, 2013

Virginia City

I started my new job for the summer on Sunday.  I will be working at an Old Time Photo place in Virginia City Montana.  The people I work for are very nice and I had dinner with them the other night.  They are my kind of people. ;)  I realized that the jobs I get and really enjoy are usually with people who have done the traveling and nomad life.  These people have traveled around the world and also around the country in a VW Bus.  So they totally get me.  They don't question my lifestyle or my bald head and I feel completely welcome.

I had to take a picture of the VW Bus with my trailer because the bus matched my sheets. haha... I just love the picture.

I have my own spot to camp that has an apartment on the property so I have a kitchen and bathroom.  Very excited about the shower. ;)  It is so quiet and I love listen to the sounds of nature.  The sun seems to be up forever.  The sun is up by 5:30am and sets around 9:30pm.  I will be getting lots of sun therapy in the couple of months I am here.

I work a mile from where I am staying and there are back roads to walk on and beautiful views.  I will have lots of great pictures throughout my time here.  They said I could see a moose... I hope I get to see one.  I think those are amazing creatures.  They said I could also see Bald Eagles and many other birds, rattle snakes, and deer and such.

Where I am staying there are these very aggressive birds... they don't understand the concept of personal space.  They fly right next to you and it feels like they are watching every move I make.  Makes me think of that Birds movie.

Here is one of the birds that are stalking me.  Their wings look fierce like they could cut you in half.  I'm not a huge fan of birds... especially ones that fly right at you.  Hopefully we will all learn about each others space and have a great summer.

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