Saturday, September 15, 2012

Items for Blue

There are a couple of items I recently ordered for Blue to make her trailer ready.

One of course is the wiring harness for the lights and such.  Still trying to work out exactly what type of 7 pin connector I need but the wiring harness should be here on Wednesday.  With a Harley you have to order a special harness because splitting the wires doesn't work for whatever reason the way they do with other bikes... Learn something new every day.  So my dad ordered his wiring harness from MCHITCH and that is where I ordered mine.  

The other thing I needed was some sort of oil cooler since Harleys are air cooled I need something to help it stay cool when pulling.  I looked into the Harley Davidson oil cooler but it said it only cooled an average of 10 degrees.  Then I found the Oil Bud which claims to cool up to 30 degrees.  I received it from UPS today.  Pretty cool looking thing.  And the guy who makes them and sells them seems really nice. I talked to him on the phone today and he said just call if we have any questions with the installation and he will help us out.  I was actually quite shocked to call and he picks up the phone.   Kudos for that.

Hopefully I can get some time to go and get them both installed within the next week.  One step closer to my new adventure. :D

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