Monday, September 3, 2012

Rail Trail

Everyone has been telling me I live near the Rail Trail.  Of course I had no idea what they were talking about or where it was.  My housemate showed me the other day and it is right by where I live... on the same street... in walking distance.  I was expecting some sort of street sign to lead me to it but there is none because I guess it is still under the works... but you can use it.  So Poco, Nube and I have been walking the trail the last few days.  Nice and quiet.  

 Wallkill Valley Rail Trail

 Poco just loves going on adventures outside

Nube on the other hand is an indoor dog... at this moment he is walking by my side but most of the time he walks behind and when he has had enough he just sits knowing I would pick him up and keep on going. 

 Nice quiet path... not too many people have been on there when we are on there which is fabulous because Poco and Nube think everyone should stop and play with them.

 The sun peaking thru the trees

I never knew I was such a risk taker.

I looked at the map and this trail goes on forever so you can pick it up anywhere along the way.  My housemate said she found a cave just off the trail.  Could be a new adventure in the making.

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