Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Missing My Boys

Today the pet sitter came and took all three of my boys to her house for the weekend while I am doing an AUMI workshop at the University of Kansas.  I miss them sooo much already.  Who is going to somewhat keep me warm tonight. :(  I have no one to talk to... I am just pathetic.

While waiting for the pet sitter I fell off my stairs into my shack... and then got stuck.  I can laugh at it now but boy was I pissed.  All three of my boys were there to just stare at me because of course 2 chihuahuas and a cat in a crate surely can't help me up.

I got stuck on the side of the stairs where there is a board that goes out a bit further than the rest and there is a huge rock and another board or something.  Of course my bum hit the rock and my feet were high in the air... it was a bit of a struggle but I got up and moving in plenty of time before the pet sitter got there... well at least she could of helped me up. LOL  Owell... just another one of those days.

I was suppose to get my dog carrier back today.  He promised he would call me at 1pm but the day has come and gone and no phone call... and he took the trunk again to make another part and so today in the rain I had to carry my really heavy backpack on my back with a garbage bag over it.  I may never see a finished doggie carrier.  Makes me quite furious but what can you expect when you need help from a stranger.  I sure hope on my trip the people I meet will give me a different view of people.  Right now my view is very grim... especially with men.  I have had to deal with a handful of men in the last two weeks that about makes me rip my hair out... oh wait... I don't have any hair.  Anyways my patience is wearing thin as the time for my departure comes closer.

I will have to practice patience and keeping my cool.  It is hard with the seasons changing and the darkness ruling the hours.  My mood always shifts at this time and it is a fight to keep the positive coming.  I will just count down to my dream ... knowing it is close will hopefully keep me afloat.

35 more days!!!

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