Sunday, September 30, 2012

One Month

The time is trickling down.  31 more days and a few hours... 1 month until my new adventure.  Hopefully these people I have to depend on to get things done actually get things done.  I am waiting on my trailer which will hopefully be here before October 14 and of course I am waiting for my dog carrier which I have no idea if or when I will see that again.

I am definitely ready for my lifestyle change.  Ready for something new.  I am ready to head south for the winter, have no deadlines, need to be anywhere, need to know more than what I am doing at that moment.  Living life as it comes.  This will be the biggest improvisation I have ever done.

The great thing about improvisation, the way I try to look at my life in general, is there are no wrong choices just life experiences.

I'm almost to wherever!

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