Monday, September 17, 2012

Know what you need

I always tell people google is great because you never have to buy something you don't already know about.  This is especially important as a woman dealing with any sort of vehicle or mechanic issues.  I don't know what it is with men who work with vehicles but I have to say I am tired of being treated like I am stupid and don't know what my motorcycle needs.

For the last week I have been trying to get enough information from the trailer company to get the vehicle connector for my motorcycle.  The trailer company emailed me and said I needed a 7 pin vehicle connector.  I talked to my dad and a friend of mine about what I was looking for... they told me I needed to know if it was a round pin or a flat pin... if it was 1 inch or 1 1/2 inch.  The email I got only said a 7 pin vehicle connector with a link to a website that showed both the round and the flat pin.  It took me a week to get an answer from the trailer company and he had to go measure the connector to tell me if it was a 1 inch or 1 1/2 inch.

I go to Advanced Auto Parts to get this connector and the guy there tells me that I really didn't need a 7 pin because they don't use all 7 pins... now I know enough to know that they wouldn't make a 7 pin if they don't really use all 7 pins.  I kind of looked at the guy oddly and he told me to go to the camper store down the street.  So I did.  I found 2 of the same thing but I wasn't sure if they were different or maybe I was missing something.  So I brought both of these 7pins to this guy at the customer service counter.  He said one had a 3 year warranty and that was the difference... as the other guy there said one was for the trailer and one was for the car.  If he would of read the package they both said they were for the car... so I guess there was no difference.  So my frustration with men was growing...
I would prefer they just tell me they have no idea and I would have to figure it out myself than to give me answers that make no sense at all.

Then I go and check my tires on Blue because I am going in to the motorcycle shop tomorrow to schedule a time to add my oil cooler and wiring harness and figured they would probably have to order new tires.  I got an oil change in July and asked repeatedly if my tires and brakes were ok.  The mechanic told me over and over again that I was good to go for a while.  I thought it was kind of odd since it had been well over 15,000 miles since I got my rear tire but I thought maybe I was confused and it was 20+ thousand before needing a new tire.  So stupid me listens to the guy and didn't even worry about my tires this last month and a half.  Shame on me because my rear tire is completely bald... no treads what so ever.  Maybe it is just me but when I go and get maintenance on my bike I expect them to check everything and I leave with a safe bike but I have been proven wrong more times than not in this area.  Especially up here in the Hudson Valley.  Harley shops in general will leave something undone or what have you so you should always check your bike... I have gotten on my bike with wires loose and all sorts of things.  I did find this great mechanic in Miami who had his own private shop and I never had a problem.  He double checked everything and knew even if I had a couple thousand miles on my tires to change them because I ride every day in all weather.  So to say the least I am very disappointed that I have been driving with a bald tire... disappointed in myself for trusting the mechanic and disappointed in the mechanic to allow me to ride away with tires I shouldn't have been riding on at all.

Just another reason I am going to learn how to do all the maintenance on Blue.  At least I know I would triple check everything in fear I would do it wrong.  I do need to check my tires more often and trust myself when I think something is off.  I usually know when it is time just by a glance and I don't know why I didn't trust myself this last time I went in and fought for a new tire... you would think they would want my money... but I guess not.

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