Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Not always a morning person

I have been quite surprised at myself for getting up every morning with no problems.  I guess it helps that I fall asleep before 11pm every night.  It is dark out here in the woods and it feels so late when it is not late at all.  There are some mornings though my boys sure make it hard for me to get up.  All 3 of my boys have to touch me in some way when we sleep... it can be quite annoying at times but other times it is a comfort.  There have been some wild nights where they get wild.

One night a few years ago we were all sleeping sound and I rolled over on my back and Poco and Nube decided to fight over who got to lay on my stomach.  As they started to brawl I jumped out of bed and landed on Randall's tail.  Randall jumped straight in the air, claws out and I had two sets of puncture wounds on my chest.   The joys of pets.

 Nube giving me a look because I woke him when I was trying to get up.

Now why would you ever want to move with Poco laying at your side.

Randall usually jumps out of bed as soon as I begin to awake... I wonder why? haha

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