Wednesday, September 5, 2012

More Backwoods Duo Pictures

Here are more pictures of the Backwoods Duo at The Stone.  These pictures were taken by Angela Villa.  Her and her partner Thollem McDonas are world travelers and it was great to talk to them about living on the road.  I love to meet fellow travelers and learn about their experiences and get a few tips for when I am out on the road as a way of life.  I so can't wait.  Thollem had the 10pm show and he is an amazing pianist totally recommend hearing him if he is ever in your area.

 Deciding it is time to play

 My new favorite instrument... the sifter.  Had a great squeak that I learned to control a bit.

 MaryKate with our organic drum sticks.

 MaryKate with the kazoo and me just beating away on whatever... the license plate was my favorite sound but those tins had a great sound and different types of sounds for each side.

 Back with the sifter and MaryKate on the chimes... those chimes remind me of Greece... tuned to get your attention.

 Yes, I actually sang and made sounds with my voice.

 Cool picture of MaryKate

 We only had 6 people in the audience but it was a good time.

Big smiles after we finished our set.  We had a blast.  Ready for the next gig.

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