Thursday, September 6, 2012


We have running water.... well running water out of an outdoor hose.  I am pretty excited because I won't have to go down to the stream (I have enjoyed going down there but not always convenient).  So the first thing I needed was to find a way to take a shower.  Luckily there was an outdoor shower already in place so I hooked it up right away.  The shower is really cold but it is the first shower I have had since I moved in on July 31... so I was completely excited.

We even have one of those shower curtains in a ring... we just need to prop it up somehow.  This shower is behind part of the house so it isn't viewable from the road... at this point I could care less if it was....  if I had to give a peep show to have the chance to shower I would be all good with that. :D

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